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Leidy Labs is located at 3740 Hamilton Walk, near the corner of 38th and Spruce Street in University City, Philadelphia. We are in Leidy 305 and 306.

Directions to the lab:

From 38th and Spruce Streets:
Leidy Labs is a two minute walk from 38th and Spruce St. From the SE corner of 38th and Spruce, walk South on 38th Street until you see two walking paths to the left. Take the second path, Hamilton Walk.

Leidy Labs is 3740 Hamilton Walk, the first building on your right.

From 30th Street Station:
Head South and West to Spruce Street and 38th, 5 Blocks South of Market St.

From University Station:
Exit Station onto Spruce (also called South St. here.) Walk west (Left) to 38th Street.

If visiting from Center City, Philadelphia:
The 40 and 42 bus lines run west and stop at 38th and Spruce.

Contact Information

Timothy Linksvayer
Department of Biology, University of Pennsylvania
306 Leidy Laboratories
433 South University Avenue
Philadelphia PA 19104-6018
phone +1 215 573 2657

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