Submission Guidelines

I am  a graduate student at Penn and would like to contribute a post for Longitudes. Where do I begin?

If you would like to submit a post about a campus event or reading session, please reach out to the current co-coordinators via email indicating what event you would like to discuss.

We ask that posts speak to some of the major points shared in the talk or reading session.  Feel free to quote the speaker or to mention any colleagues’ questions that you found particularly illuminating. We encourage posts not only to rehearse “what was said” at the event, but also to provide further reflection, analysis, or other thoughts prompted by the discussion.

We are open to submissions that do not necessarily discuss a campus event or a reading session, but we ask that you consult the coordinators to work out those parameters beforehand.

Are there formatting or citation requirements?

Once you have conferred with the co-coordinators, please submit your post as a Word Doc to them via email. Use Times New Roman, 12-point font.  In addition to sending your writing, indicate the following: your name (or how you would like to be attributed), your affiliation (ex: PhD Candidate in English), and whether you would like us to link your name to your department or personal webpage.

We ask that posts do not exceed 2,000 words.  Please include citations (MLA style) or hyperlinks when necessary. You are also welcome to submit 1-3 images to include in the blog post–please attach those images in .PNG format in the email to the coordinators.

What happens once I submit my post?

The Latitudes Coordinators will proofread and lightly edit your writing for grammar and to ensure that it is readable. Then, we will then contact you once the post is live!