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Sustainability and Conservation Science Postdoctoral Fellowship

Sustainability and Conservation Science Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania in partnership with The Nature Conservancy


This postdoctoral fellowship program aims to bridge the excellence in academic research at the University of Pennsylvania (Penn) and in conservation practice at The Nature Conservancy (TNC) to confront climate change, while creating a new generation of sustainability and conservation leaders who combine the rigor of academic science with real-world application.

Penn and TNC join in recognizing climate change as the single greatest environmental threat to humanity. Climate change is an issue that tightly integrates the health of the planet with the economy, access to clean and reliable energy, water, and food production, and equity. To tackle these challenges, our world needs science that blends climatology, physics, economics, business, chemistry, engineering, technology and communications with conservation and ecology. As well, it must marry the best academic research with opportunities for rapid testing and deployment in the real world to address human well-being.

The specific program goals are to:

        • Invest in the talent potential of a new generation of climate change leaders
        • Recruit scientists who bring a diversity of culture, experience, and ideas to Penn and TNC
        • Support innovative and impact-oriented research that helps deliver TNC outcomes
        • Provide the fellows and Penn research community as a whole with access to real-world conservation professionals and issues.
For this round of applications, the project area and Penn faculty/TNC mentor team participating are:

International research that informs climate adaptation interventions with Prof. Michael Mann ( and Dr. Nicholas Wolff (

Application Deadline: Friday February 16, 2024
For application requirements and general information please see the full position post.
For general questions, contact Dr. Nadine Gruhn (

Previously Funded Research Project

Project Title: Collaborative Research: Improved Characterization of Internal Decadal-Multidecadal Climate Variability Using Paleoclimate Archives, Observational Climate Data and Model Simulations

Years Active: 2018-2022

Investigators: Michael E. Mann (PI), Byron A. Steinman (co-PI, University of Minnesota Duluth)

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