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Hi there!

This week we have some images we’ve gotten after a fair amount of pain staking work (by both lab all-star and intramural Frisbee champion, Jessie Burke, and Lab Alum Collyn Messier). We’re working to close the song circuit in the female cowbird, and part of the challenge is getting the connections in the thalamic nucleus DLM (dorso-lateral division of the medial thalamus, for those keeping score at home). Here we have labeling in DLM from an injection in Area X. The video is a 3d reconstruction from a z-stack of confocal images (Thanks to Andrea Stout, PhD for helping Jessie get these images!). The blue is Hoechst stain of neurons in DLM. The red is CTB.

Stay tuned for more exciting news (and eventual publications).



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