The goal of this workshop was to generate conversation and exchange. It featured five three-person panels in which speakers gave short talks on a theme, leaving most of the time for an open exchange of ideas. It also featured three research presentations from workshop participants providing focal points for further discussion.


Thursday, February 27
Venue: Claudia Cohen Hall

6:00 || Dinner for speakers in Cohen Hall (Classics Lounge)

7:30 || Opening remarks

Jamal Elias, Chair of Religious Studies, University of Pennsylvania

7:35 || Introducing Material Secularisms

Donovan Schaefer, University of Pennsylvania

7:45 || Research presentation I: Perspective (Cohen Hall 402)

Courtney Bender, Columbia University

Moderator: Jolyon Thomas, University of Pennsylvania

Friday, February 28
Venue: Amado Recital Hall, Irvine Auditorium

9:30 || Breakfast for panelists

10:30 || Welcome

Jeffrey Kallberg, Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences, University of Pennsylvania

10:35 || Panel I: Nature

Chair: Ken Koltun-Fromm, Haverford College

Mayanthi Fernando, UC Santa Cruz

John Modern, Franklin and Marshall College

Dana Lloyd, Washington University in Saint Louis

12:00 || Lunch for all registered participants

1:30 || Panel II: Structure/Infrastructure

Chair: Lindsay Reckson, Haverford College

Matthew Engelke, Columbia University

Victoria Smolkin, Wesleyan University

Chad Seales, University of Texas, Austin

3:00 || Coffee Break

3:30 || Panel III: Affect

Chair: Anthony Petro, Boston University/Institute for Advanced Study

Terrence Johnson, Georgetown University

Donovan Schaefer, University of Pennsylvania

Angela Xia, University of Pennsylvania

5:00 || Break

5:30 || Research presentation II: Blackness

Anthony Pinn, Rice University

Moderator: Anthea Butler, University of Pennsylvania

7:00 || Dinner for panelists

Saturday, February 29
Venue: Amado Recital Hall, Irvine Auditorium

9:00 || Breakfast for panelists

10:00 || Panel IV: Body

Chair: Projit Mukharji, University of Pennsylvania

Heather Jaber, University of Pennsylvania

Ann Pellegrini, New York University

Jolyon Thomas, University of Pennsylvania

11:30 || Lunch for registered participants

1:00 || Research presentation: Emotion

Monique Scheer, University of Tübingen

Moderator: Donovan Schaefer, University of Pennsylvania

2:15 || Coffee Break

2:30 || Panel V: Fetish

Chair: Vincent Lloyd, Villanova University

Sharday Mosurinjohn, Queens University

Darryl Wilkinson, Dartmouth College

Angela Zito, New York University

4:00 || Closing Remarks

Jolyon Thomas, University of Pennsylvania

6:00 || Dinner for panelists