June 18, 2020. Thrilled to share our first BioRxiv preprint about Hydrazines as versatile chemical biology probes and drug-discovery tools for cofactor-dependent enzymes. So proud of co-authors Tom, Xie, Katie and Mina and collaborators from Scripps, PennMed, Oberlin and Virginia Tech.

June 10, 2020. Megan was selected for NIDAs DP1 Avenir Program to study genetic and epigenetic targets in addiction. Congratulations!

January 02, 2020. Nate and Sebastian joined the group as two new Ph.D. students in Chemistry.

December 11, 2019. Katie presented her progress and has successfully renewed her NIH T32 grant.

October 01, 2019. The group welcomes Mina Ahmadi to the lab as a new Ph.D. student.

July 24, 2019. The group was awarded a shared grant for the Penn Molecular Therapeutics Chemical Biology group.

June 19, 2019. Megan was awarded an American Cancer Society IRG pilot grant. Congratulations on this honor.

May 20, 2019. Congratulations to Eric on his graduation with a B.A. in Biochemistry. Good luck at medical school at the University of Chicago.

May 03, 2019. The lab attended 12th Annual Frontiers in Chemistry & Biology Interface Symposium in NIH. Katie, Suzanne and Tom showed their posters, Megan as an UPenn representative gave a podium presentation.

April 24, 2019. Suzanne successfully defended her Master of Chemical Sciences (M.C.S.) thesis. Great job on the Capstone presentation, congrats to Suzanne.

April 22, 2019. Katie passed her candidacy today. Great job and congratulations on becoming a Ph.D. candidate.

April 02, 2019. Sara finished her M.S. degree work today. She will start as a Strategy Insights & Planning Associate at ZS Associates in June 2019. Congratulations to Sara.

March 27, 2019. We were honored to have Madeleine M. Joullie sign one of our research benches which we inherited from her.

December 20, 2018. Katie was awarded an NIH Chemistry-Biology Interface Training Grant (T32) renewable for a maximum of 2 years. Congratulations to Katie.

November 09, 2018. The lab went to 2018 Dr. George W. Raiziss Retreat, Graduate student Katie gave a poster presentation.

August 20, 2018. The lab’s first paper was accepted for publication in PNAS. Congratulations to Marshall, Hee Jong and Megan.

August 13, 2018. The first undergraduate to join the group, Katarina Pance, has left to pursue graduate studies at UCSF. We wish her the best of luck.

August 06, 2018. The group says goodbye to Anamika, we wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors.

July 16, 2018. Megan Matthews has been named a Scialog Fellow on the Chemical Machinery of the Cell by the Research Corporation and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. More information on the program can be found here.

March 24, 2018. Megan Matthews received 2018 Alumni Achievement Award from Pennsylvania State University. Check out more details about the awardClick here to hear Megan’s speech.

March 23, 2018. Congratulations to Eric Arellano, who got Joel Barrish Fellowship. The fund will support Eric’s 2018 summer research with a stipend in the amount of $2500.

March 01, 2018. The group is growing, we warmly welcome Dr. Xie Wang to join our group today as a postdoc researcher.

January 02, 2018. We are happy to welcome three Ph.D. students (Katelyn Bustin, Sara Martin and Marshall Lougee) and a master student (Suzanne Dettling) joining the lab.

December 01, 2017. Congratulations to Mark who took an Analytical Chemist position in Frontida. We wish Mark all the best, and will miss him a lot.

November 27, 2017. The team is growing, we welcome Dr. Anamika Banerjee from UPenn Medicine who joined the Matthews group as a senior research manager today.

November 09, 2017. The group attended 2017 Dr. George W. Raiziss Retreat, and Megan gave a talk.

October 26, 2017. Dr. Hiroyuki Osada from RIKEN, Japan visited the Matthews group.

October 05, 2017. Eric Arellano, a Class of 2019 undergrad in Biochemistry, joins the lab. Welcome, Eric.

September 25, 2017. We took our first group picture, check our gallery to know the team.

September 01, 2017. We are happy to welcome Zongtao Tom Lin to the group, Tom starts his postdoc today.

August 21, 2017. Katarina Pance, a Class of 2018 undergrad in Biochemistry, joins us. We are happy to welcome Katarina.

August 16, 2017. Happy to welcome Mark R. Zierden to the group, Mark starts his postdoc research today.

July 01, 2017. The Matthews group opens its doors.

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