Here is a talk I gave at the Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences at the University of Cambridge, during the workshop on Bayesian Networks and Argumentation in Evidence, entitled Shaken Baby Syndrome on Trial.

Here are some of my publications:

  • Cuellar M, Short fall arguments in court: A Probabilistic Analysis, 50 U. Mich. J. L. Reform 763 (2017). Article available here and video available here.
  • Cuellar M; Causal reasoning and data analysis: Problems with the abusive head trauma diagnosis, Law, Probability and Risk, 2017; 16(4): 223–239. Article available here.
  • Cuellar M; Trends in Underreporting of Marijuana Consumption in the United States, Statistics and Public Policy, 2018, forthcoming.

Here are some of the projects in which I have recently been involved:

  • “Short fall arguments in court, A probabilistic analysis,” West Virginia Law Review Symposium. Video available here.
  • “Houston crime lab implicated in another possible wrongful conviction”, mention in an article from the Innocence Project.
  • “Is the number of casualties in the Syrian civil war related to the mentions of the conflict on Twitter?” Work with the Human Rights Data Analysis Group and the CMU Center for Human Rights Science, with Professor Stephen E. Fienberg (link).
  • “The number of heavy marijuana users has increased sevenfold since 1992.” Work with Professor Jonathan P. Caulkins. This work was cited in Slate magazine.

Here are some groups I work with: