Public Engagement

Machine Learning for Peace

Machine Learning for Peace project featured in World Bank EngageFest webinar

The Machine Learning for Peace (MLP) was featured in the World Bank’s EngageFest webinar a using AI analytics for citizen engagement . Watch the recording to learn about three case studies of projects using AI/ML for civic engagement and to hear a panel discussion of these issues

Machine Learning for Peace interviewed for the Ethical AI Manifesto

An interview with MLP’s Jeremy Springman (Director of Civic Research) was featured in the Civil Society Manifesto for Ethical AI, published by Foris International. The manifesto aims to give voice to a diverse group of civic actors working on subjects that are being affected by ongoing advances in AI. The interview focuses on how MLP uses machine learning to provide digital tools designed to help civil society.

Evidence for Impact Webinar Series

The Machine Learning for Peace (MLP) was featured in the Promise and Perils of Data Science for Development webinar as part of the Social Impact Evidence for Impact Webinar Series. The webinar discussed how data science can be used to improve development effectiveness. The presentation concluded with critical reflections from within USAID on the promise and pitfalls of using data science for development.

Machine Learning for Peace at the Paris Peace Forum

The Machine Learning for Peace (MLP) project was one of 60 projects hosted at the 2022 Paris Peace Forum in November. Check out our page on the Peace Forum’s website or hear more about MLP and other related work from the Forum’s AI in International Development roundtable discussion.

Machine Learning for Peace: tracking civic spaces around the globe

DevLab launched the Machine Learning for Peace (MLP) project website at the Open Government Partnership Global Summit in December 2021. This event marked the unveiling of the MLP data and forecasts to the general public. Click here to watch the MLP launch event and learn more about the digital tools associated with the project (~1 hour video).

Machine Learning for Peace: website forecasts civic spaces

This article, featured in Duke’s online newsletter, describes the MLP launch event and covers how MLP’s data and forecasts are being developed and deployed to benefit donors and civil society around the world.

Using Big Data and Machine Learning to Better Understand Civic Space

The Machine Learning for Peace (MLP) project partnered with Catalyst Balkans and USAID Serbia to produce additional data on civic space in Serbia. This event highlighted DevLab’s committed to incorporating local voices into our data production and the innovative work being done by Catalyst Balkans. Click here to learn more about MLP’s work in Serbia (~1 hour video).

Machine Learning for Peace: Forecasting Civic Space to Defend Democracy

The Machine Learning for Peace (MLP) project was featured at the 2022 Global Digital Development Forum in May 2022. This forum focused on showcasing concrete solutions to important development challenges. Click here to watch a brief video describing how the MLP project and online tools can be used by policymakers and practitioners to address important global challenges. (~5 minute video)