Bongani Godfrey Ngwenya Field Supervisor (Head Supervisor)

Bongani Ngwenya is employed as Head Supervisor at the HSRC on the MSE Project, that researches the relationship between business ownership and health. He started working on the project in 2009, working as a team supervisor leading a team of four fieldworkers. He was later promoted to lead supervisors, taking the role of a super supervisor. The team was later joined by a group of professional nurses who were also under his supervision. The project is mainly conducted in the township areas of Tshwane in South Africa, mostly around the African communities. It is in this position that Bongani began to understand in detail the research aims of the study and the goals the study has to contribute to society. In particular, he enjoyed learning about why the research had participants make choices regarding money (to eventually earn some much needed cash). He would very much like to express his appreciation and gratitude to everyone in the MSE project, especially the team from overseas, Dr. Li-Wei Chao, Prof Helena Szrek, and Mr Shandir Ramlagan. He likes to thank the opportunity given to him, God bless!!

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