Karl Peltzer

http://mse.pbs.up.pt/images/icon-date.png Principal Investigator

Karl Peltzer, PI on the MSE Project, is Research Director in the HIV/AIDS, STI and TB (HAST) unit at the Human Sciences Research Council, South Africa, an Extraordinary Professor in Psychology at Free State University, and a Research Associate at the University of Limpopo. He has worked extensively in public health subject areas including alcohol, tobacco, cancer, tuberculosis, and HIV control; nutrition, physical activity, hypertension, mental health, injury and violence prevention, and health promotion. His current research interests include psychology applied to health, health promotion, chronic diseases of life style, substance use, communicable diseases including HIV, injuries, cultural health practices, and programme evaluation in low and middle income countries including Africa. Karl has published extensively on health behaviour and health interventions (18 books and 460 articles). His latest book is Peltzer, K. & Pengid, S. (2011) Health Behaviour Interventions in Developing Countries, New York: Nova Publishers.

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