Micah E. Nangambe

http://mse.pbs.up.pt/images/icon-date.png Field Researcher

Micah Nangambe is a Field Researcher on the MSE Project. He completed his Diploma in Marketing Management in 2005. He also attended a leadership course in 2005 with Professor Thakathi.

Micah conducts interviews in different households in designated areas sampled around Tshwane. He joined the MSE in 2009 and worked on the project in the first, second, and third phases. Throughout the study, he interviewed more than 200 people, male and female, young and old, from different cultural backgrounds.

He also enjoys interacting and engaging with the MSE family members from South Africa, Portugal, and the USA. He says they are all very loving and special people.

Micah enjoys going places, seeing new faces on a regular basis, and learning about people’s different perceptions and ways of doing things in life!

That is his MSE motto: Going places, seeing faces!

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