publicationsRecent Conference Papers

2016 “Intimate Publics: On Gender, Water and the Matter of Government.” Anthropology Colloquium, University of California at Davis. May 16.

2016. “Domestic Publics: On Gender, Urban Water and the Matter of Government.” Klopsteg Lecture, Program in Science and Human Culture. Northwestern University. April 4.

2016. “Infrastructure and the Accretions of Law.” Presented at the seminar on Essential Resources in the Context of Resource Protection. Columbia University Law School. January 21.

2015. “Uncertain Lines: Leaks and the Infrastructures of the Anthropocene.” Presented at the Workshop on Infrastructure, Environment, Life. Concordia University, Montreal. October 19-20.

2015. “After Breakdown: Infrastructure and the Lives of Maintenance.” Presented on the panel, STS and Urban Infrastructure in the South, at the Annual Meeting of the Association for American Geographers.  Chicago. April 22.

2015. Scare-Cities: The Political Life of Water in Mumbai.” Presented at the Watson Institute, Brown University. February 25.

2014. The Promise of Infrastructure.” With Akhil Gupta and Hannah Appel. School for Advanced Research, Santa Fe. November 5.

2014. “Infrastructures of Commitment.” Monday Seminar at the Department of Anthropology, University of Chicag. Chicago. October 6.

2014. “ScareCities: The Infrapolitics of Water Supply in Mumbai.” Invited lecture. Department of Anthropology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. January 30.