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Work in Progress


Information Spillovers in Sovereign Debt: Theory Meets the Eurozone Crisis
(with Hal Cole and Daniel Neuhann)
NBER Working Paper 30216.
Revise and Resubmit. Review of Economic Studies.

Interbank Networks in the Shadows of the Federal Reserve Act
(with Selman Erol and Haelim Park Anderson)
NBER Working Paper 27721.
Elsevier Award for the Best Paper on Financial Institutions – WFA 2020.

Technological Progress and Rent Seeking
(with Vincent Glode)
Revise and Resubmit. Review of Financial Studies.

Welfare Implications of Information Technologies
(with Gaetano Gaballo)

Macro and Financial Implications of Aging
(with Facundo Piguillem)
NBER Working Paper 26337.

The Collateral Link Between Volatility and Risk Sharing
(with Sebastian Infante)
NBER Working Paper 28119.

Regulating Clearing in Networks
(with Pablo D’Erasmo and Selman Erol)

Social and Economic Distancing
(with Selman Erol)

The Political Economy of Pandemics
(with Helios Herrera)

The Two Faces of Information
(with Gaetano Gaballo)
NBER Working Paper 28489.


A Walrasian Theory of Sovereign Debt Auctions with Asymmetric Information
(with Hal Cole and Daniel Neuhann)
NBER Working Paper 24890.

Price Informativeness and Business Cycle Misallocation
(with Gorkem Bostanci)

Limits to Stability
(with Facundo Piguillem)

Patents as Collateral and Directed Technical Change
(with Ufuk Akcigit and Murat Alp Celik)

The Dynamics of Bank Runs
(with Itay Goldstein and Lin Shen)

Hard to Get, Easy to Lose: Endogenous Reputation and Underinvestment

Rating Agencies and Coordination

Trade and Technology: Asian Miracles and WTO Anti-miracles

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