Women in STEM webinars

Women in STEM: The Power to Persist and Pursue

Join special guests Dr. Amanda Goodson, Aurora Martinez, and Dr. Becky Moening for the publisher Wiley’s latest educational webinars. This August we’re taking an inside look at the gender equity gap in STEM with a two-part panel discussion where we’ll bring together women studying and working in STEM to share their thoughts and experiences as well as advice for how we can each do our part to support the growth of women in STEM.

  • Student Voices: A Discussion of Gender Equity in STEM Education
    August 9, 2021 at 1 PM EST

    • In session 1, author and former NASA Aerospace Engineer, Dr. Amanda Goodson and Wiley’s resident Math Specialist Dr. Becky Moening, Ed.D will lead a panel discussion with female STEM students to discuss what led them to choose a STEM career path, their experience to date as a woman in STEM, and how they see the world of STEM changing for women as they enter the workforce.
  • Women’s Equality Day: A Discussion of Gender Equity in the STEM Community August 26, 2021 at 1 PM EST   REGISTER NOW
    • In session two, Dr. Goodson will be joined by Wiley’s VP and General Manager of Math and Science Foundations, Aurora Martinez, along with a dynamic group of professional women working in STEM careers as they share what drove them to choose a STEM career, their experience to date and how they have achieved success despite the gender gap, and their suggestions for how more women can persist and pursue in STEM careers.

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