Diversity & Inclusion are important to us in Physics & Astronomy.  Different perspectives are not only valuable but critical to advance our understanding of the universe.  There are many efforts in the department to make Physics & Astronomy  more inclusive and welcoming for all members, including a faculty committee and student groups.

Diversity & Inclusion Faculty Committee
The faculty committee listens to and learns from the experiences of undergraduate students, graduate students,  postdoctoral fellows, staff, faculty, and visitors to our department. We coordinate efforts to improve diversity & inclusion in the Physics & Astronomy department. Committee members in 2023-24 are

  • Chair: Professor Cullen Blake (email: chblake_at_sas.upenn.edu)
  • Professor Evelyn Thomson  (email: thomsone_at_sas.upenn.edu)
  • Professor Mariangela Bernardi  (email: bernardm_at_sas.upenn.edu)

Diversity & Inclusion in Physics@Penn (email: penn.dip_at_gmail.com)
The Diversity & Inclusion @ Penn (DIP) group strives to make the Physics & Astronomy community more inclusive and welcoming for all.  We aim to teach awareness of the lack of diversity in Physics & Astronomy and the forms of discrimination that are often faced by minorities in STEM fields, and how to combat those challenges. We hope to create a community in the department that supports those who may encounter these issues.

Women in Physics (email: penn.wip_at_gmail.com)
Women in Physics (WiP) is an organization which uplifts and encourages women pursuing the physics major at the University of Pennsylvania. We strive to create a supportive community that helps to guide women through their college experience in the Physics & Astronomy department.