SPICE Vol XIV, Issue 1

Very excited to have our first issue of SPICE in 2019 printed in the PPE office and available online.

Shout out to Carson Marr, Allen Zhu, Katherine Poole, David Herrera, and Samantha Mashaal for their contributions!

Special thanks to Chloe Wilson, Patrick Law, Jay Choi, Annika Iyer, and Julia Hansen for their strong work putting together and editing the issue!

2018 PBSI Conference!

Special thanks to Anjali and team at GovLabPHL for a great event bringing together city officials, researchers and non-profits to promote evidence based governance and practices!

3 Year Snapshot

This summer completing my 3rd year on the job, I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished!

  • PPE Renewed: Drafted proposals for new course numbering system and revised curriculum, approved by the curriculum committee.
  • PPE Growing: The rising senior class has 160+ students as compared to 99 graduates the year before I started; nearly twice as many students pursue honors; more majors are studying abroad.
  • Online Presence Refreshed: Designed or helped to manage the design process for new PPE, PennSoNG and BeLab websites; Created online repositories for PPE Honors Theses, SPICE, and PennSoNG.
  • $4,640,720 worth of grants that I participated in drafting, negotiating and managing have been signed. /span>
  • Master’s kicked off: Served as Interim Director for the MBDS program; Co-awarded Silver Award for MBDS Strategic Recruitment Marketing Plan from UPCEA. 


Special Thanks to Dan Ariely for the 2018 Goldstone Forum

We’d like to thank Dan Ariely for his exciting talk on The (Honest) Truth about Dishonesty at the 2018 Goldstone Forum. Speaking to a packed auditorium in the Penn Museum, Professor Ariely focused on the tension between our desire to conceive of ourselves as honest, the impulse to benefit from cheating or dishonesty, and the role rationalization and conflicts of interest play in mediating the two.


2nd Annual PPE Society Meeting

I would like to thank Paul Hurley (Claremont McKenna College), Steve Simon (Richmond University), Colin Bird (University of Virginia), and Jonny Anomaly (University of Arizona) for joining me on a panel session about Topics in PPE Administration, Logistics and Curriculum. The panel addressed issues from recruiting majors and determining which courses should be led by PPE to approaching allied disciplines and strategizing proposals to create new programs to the implications of the difference between an interdisciplinary vs. multidisciplinary understanding of PPE. The session was well attended and will hopefully contribute to the development of PPE programs!


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