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Paul Schmidt

Principal Investigator

Curriculum Vitae



subhash_picSubhash Rajpurohit – Postdoc Research Associate

I am interested in climatic adaptations and use Drosophila as a model organism. The two major climatic gradients – namely temperature and humidity – have laid the foundation for ecogeographic rules that characterize many independent clines. I have been phenotyping latitudinal and altitudinal collections for aspects of temperature sensing/tolerance, body pigmentation, cuticular hydrocarbons, & drought tolerance. I also use experimental evolution to study how physiological systems function and evolve under defined conditions. Overall my approach goes from macrophysiology to molecules. MORE



seth_streamSeth Rudman – Postdoctoral Fellow

Evolutionary change can occur quickly, which causes shifts in traits over short timescales.  Ecologists have demonstrated that organismal traits are a key component that dictates ecosystem functions and the outcomes of ecological interactions.  Hence, it may be that evolution plays an important role in ecology, even over short timescales.  My research focuses on understanding if and how evolution alters ecological interactions using using simulations, outdoor experimental enclosures, and field observational data.  I am using the seasonal drosophila system to investigate the genomics, phenotypes, and population dynamics of these eco-evolutionary interactions.




Emily Behrman – Graduate Student

The rate and tempo of adaptation is a fundamental question in evolutionary biology. I use the model organism, Drosophila melanogaster, in a natural context to provide a comprehensive analysis of the relationship between phenotype, genotype and the environment that are driven by natural selection and reflect the adaptive process. My research takes a holistic approach to understanding rapid adaptation by understanding phenotypic and genetic processes of seasonal life history evolution in response to biotic and abiotic environmental parameters. My work demonstrates the strength and importance of selection across seasonal time and suggests that evolution is occurring on timescales that were previously considered static.  MORE

Ozan Kiratli – Graduate Student

The ecological genetics of the natural populations of D. melanogaster is loosely understood. In this broad topic, I’m interested in the migrations and the genetic contributions of these migrations into the gene pool of D. melanogaster. This way, my aim is to understand the migration selection balance in natural populations, in various temporal and spatial settings. To achieve this, in my research, I use field collections, and experimental outdoor populations, with phylogenetic methods to analyze them.

 Undergraduate Research Assistants

nicolas hanna raul abraham





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Past members



Jayatri Das, post-doc, 2005-2006.

     Jayatri is a senior exhibit and program developer at the Franklin Institute Science Museum.

Graeme Taylor, post-doc, 2001-2003.

     Graeme is an Assistant Professor of Biology at the University of Western Ontario.


Graduate Students

Vinayak Mathur, graduate student, 2009-2015.

         Vinayak is now a post-doc in Rosenwald lab at the Georgetown University, More

Xiaqing Zhao, graduate student, 2009-2015.

        Xiaqing is now a post-doc in Daniel Promislow lab at the University of Washington, More

Katherine O’Brien, graduate student, 2009-2014.

        Katherine is now a post-doc in Kristi Montooth’s lab at the University of Nebraska. MORE

Annalise Paaby, graduate student, 2003-2009.

      Annalise is now an Assistant Professor in the School of Biology at Georgia Tech.

Megan Phifer-Rixey, graduate student, 2003-2009.

      Megan is now a post-doc in Michael Nachman’s lab at Universit of Arizona.


Independent Study

Rosa Zedek

Megan Labasky

Emily Hollenbeck

Courtney Kozlowski

Jordan Achtman

Julie Charbonnier

Mike Bramson

Caiti Smukowski

Casey Belcher-Timme

Mark Ayzenberg

Rachel Crystal

Sydney Sher

Sarah Abroms

Wes Nakamura

John Christner

Wei Zhu

Melanie Heckman

Chris Malakowski

Daphne Conde