Prospective graduate students

Prospective students interested in pursuing dissertation research in the Schmidt lab are welcome. In the Department of Biology, we have a single and unified graduate program for the pursuit of the PhD in the biological sciences. Students engage in three rotations in various labs during the first year, after which students formally identify a thesis advisor and laboratory. Rotation students are always welcome; because we investigate evolutionary questions using molecular and genetic/genomic techniques, there is a broad range of opportunities for study in our lab.


If you are interested in applying to our graduate program and might consider joining our group, please send an email to Paul and explain your interest. Our graduate coordinator is also extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the program and admissions process. We believe it is very important to get a feel for a lab group and the PI, and it is never too early to begin the process. Paul would be very happy to describe the current research directions and various opportunities. He can also put you in contact with current lab members and grad students, who can then tell you what is really going on.


Prospective post-docs and technicians

Send your CV and a cover letter to Paul Schmidt.


Prospective undergraduates

Students interested in work-study positions, completing an independent project for BIOL399/499, or just learning about basic science research are all welcome. We generally sponsor several undergraduates each semester. To see if we have any positions open, stop by Leidy 216 or send Paul Schmidt an email explaining your interest.