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FERBSFirst Exposure to Research in the Biological Sciences, is an undergraduate fellowship program offered at the University of Pennsylvania in the Department of Biology focused on training and developing high-achieving undergraduate students in the biological research sciences. Considering the importance of the biological sciences to the overall welfare of our society, we are focused on identifying, recruiting, and nurturing the next generation of high-achieving students to serve at the forefront of future scientific leadership. With a central emphasis on developing intellectual curiosity, honing critical thinking, and cultivating effective and holistic approaches to problem-solving, FERBS is dedicated to equipping our students with the expertise needed to become catalysts at the confluence of biology and society.


Holistic training of a new generation of high-achieving scholars to become leaders in their chosen fields with a commitment to increasing the diversity of professionals within STEM

Our Strategy

FERBS fellows will be equipped with the necessary acumen and empathy to embark on a journey of transformative research integrated with community-driven initiatives. The FERBS fellowship program strives to support each fellow during their time at Penn. Through early exposure to research with structured mentorship and training, as well as financial support, career development, and community engagement, we are focused on providing our high performing students with the opportunities and support needed to succeed in STEM. FERBS brings together undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral associates, primary investigators as well as leaders and educators in the Philadelphia community to support the holistic development of each fellow.  

Our People

Meet the 2023-2024 Cohort of FERBS Fellows

Thank You

To Merck for providing funding to support the students of Penn FERBS