From left to right (bottom row): microbial biofilm performing hydrogenotrophic Mn(IV) reduction ● semi-extinct hydrothermal vent chimney (M-vent) during R/V Atlantis expedition AT26-10 to 9 degrees 50’N East Pacific Rise in January of 2014 ● hydrogenotrophic Fe(III) reduction of ferrihydrite (red) to magnetite (black) ● epifluorescent microscopy of cells stained with acridine orange ● active hydrothermal vent covered by Pompeii worms during R/V Atlantis expedition AT37-12 to 9 degrees 50’N East Pacific Rise in May of 2017 ● biomineralization resulting from hydrogenotrophic As(V) reduction ● scanning electron micrograph of Deferrisoma palaeochoriense.

*Last updated on August, 2021