Levinson-Shapiro Faculty Scholar and Assistant Professor of Chemistry at the University of Rochester

email: bpart [at]
tel.: 215-573-7458

Ben was a graduate student in the group investigating the influence of molecular chirality on structural order in arrays of helical supramolecular assemblies and the generation of novel supramolecular architectures via memory effects. He previously studied at the University of Oxford, UK, where he researched halogen bonding interlocked architectures with Prof. Paul D. Beer. During his time at Penn, he has been a Thouron Awardee (2013–2015) and currently holds a Howard Hughes Medical Institute International Student Research Fellowship.

  • Education:
    2009–2013  MChem Chemistry, University of Oxford
  • Awards and Honors:
    2017 North American Thermal Analysis Society Best Student Paper Award (sponsored by SETARAM)
    2017  Thermal Analysis Forum of the Delaware Valley Travel Award
    2015–2018  Howard Hughes Medical Institute International Student Research Fellowship
    2014  Outstanding Performance by a Teaching Assistant, University of Pennsylvania
    2013–2015  Thouron Award
    2013 Inorganic Chemistry Part II Thesis Prize (Proxime Accesserunt), University of Oxford
    2012 Old Members’ Scholarship, Lincoln College, University of Oxford
    2010-2013 AstraZeneca Research Bursary, University of Oxford
    2010-2013 BP Bursary, University of Oxford
    2009-2013 Ogden Trust Undergraduate Science Scholarship, Ogden Trust
    2009 Corti Science Prize