The Standard Model and Beyond (2nd edition)

        Paul Langacker
    Emeritus Professor of Physics (University of Pennsylvania)

cover Image   Published June 2017 by the CRC Press (now available as Open Access). Additional details from CRC.
  Table of contents and Preface; Index
  Websites, listed in Bibliography.
  Books and articles listed in Bibliography, with arXiv numbers, web links, and updates.
  Additions, corrections, typos, and comments.
  Suggestions for use as text in one-semester course.
  Syllabus, introductory lecture, lecture notes, and problem sets/exams, from a one semester course at Princeton, spring 2011-2013.
  Videos and PDFs of 15 lectures on the Standard Model given in the 2013-2014 PSI program at Perimeter Institute.
  Mathematica notebook matrixelements for explicit calculation of gamma matrices, spinors, and simple amplitudes and distributions.
  Notebook feyncalcexample illustrating use of the FeynCalc package for calculations of amplitudes, cross sections, and identities. (Tested with FeynCalc 9.0.1, Mathematica 10 or 11). New version tested on FeynCalc 9.2.0 with Mathematica 11.2 and 12.0.
  Clebsch Gordon coefficients, from the Particle Data Group.
  Answers to selected problems.
  Website for first edition, 12/2009.
  Colloquium-level monograph, Can the Laws of Physics be Unified?, Princeton University Press, 2017.
  Please send comments, corrections, and typographical errors to

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