What are the benefits of joining PICANTES?

Aside from the opportunity to collaborate with some of the nations top academic researchers in nursing, geriatrics, long-term care, healthcare economics and more,  there are also a number of benefits and opportunities offered exclusively to our organizational partners, including:

  • High quality in-services and webinars on topics of interest to our partners. We solicit topics from our members that are of particular importance and relevance and develop 30-90 minute programs that include continuing education credits to targeted interdisciplinary team members.
  • Up to 2 hours annually of clinical or administrative consulting. This may involve clinician-to-clinician consulting regarding a specific patient or problem or administrative consulting to provide guidance on specific quality improvement initiatives or regulatory issues.
  • An annual face-to-face (now virtual) membership meeting. This half-day meeting offers education, networking opportunities, and helps us identify members’ clinical and administrative priorities.

What is asked of the organizations that we partner with?

The PICANTES network was established to foster and support partnerships between community nursing homes and academic research faculty to promote and facilitate the testing and evaluation of innovative approaches to improving care for older adults. Our organizational partners are community nursing homes and care organizations providing short- and long-term care that have demonstrated a commitment to improving their quality of care and outcomes and an interest in exploring solutions to important clinical and care delivery problems. Each of our partners has agreed to review research proposals and consider serving as a potential study site for approved projects. By obtaining this agreement, the PICANTES network has a consortium of diverse nursing homes that represent a variety of different socioeconomic and racial/ethnic backgrounds to call upon when a research proposal is being developed and conducted.

If you would like to learn more about the specifics of the commitment that we ask of our nursing home partners, please read the following document: Proposal for Nursing Home Leaders

You can also review the template letter of agreement signed by all of our organizational partners here: Template Letter of Agreement


If you have any questions or would like to discuss having your organization join PICANTES, please contact us