The Benjamin and Anne A. Pinkel Endowed Lecture Fund was established though a generous gift from Sheila Pinkel on behalf of the estate of her parents, Benjamin and Anne A. Pinkel, and serves as a memorial tribute to the lives of her parents. Benjamin Pinkel, who received a BSE in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania in 1930, was actively interested in the philosophy of the mind and published a monograph on the subject, Consciousness, Matter, and Energy: The Emergence of Mind in Nature, in 1992, the objective of which is a “re-examination of the mind-body problem in the light of…new scientific information.” The lecture series is intended to advance the discussion and rigorous study of the deep questions which engaged Dr. Pinkel’s investigations.


The Pinkel Endowed Lecture series is administered annually by MindCORE in the school of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania. Speakers are selected each year by the Pinkel Committee which is comprised of six standing faculty from the University of Pennsylvania, with half of the members from the School of Engineering and the other half from the School of Arts and Sciences.


Questions about the Pinkel Endowed Lecture can be addressed to: pennmindcore@sas.upenn.edu.