Past Talks

Spring 2023

Date Speaker Title
Jan 27 Organizational meeting Talk registration
Feb 3 Math Department Prospective student  event
Feb 17 Thomas Brazelton How to prevent nuclear war and then decide what to watch on Netflix
Feb 24 Avik Chakravarty How to count degrees of a projective variety?
Mar 3 Handi Zhang Neural operators: how nonlinear operators can be approximated by neural networks and what are the applications in real world?
Mar 10 Spring Break (no seminar)
Mar 17 Jacob Van Hook How to be a Gamer in the fourth dimension
Mar 24 Nikita Borisov A mathematical trip through quantum computing
Mar 31 Professor Robin Pemantle Solving equations
Apr 14 Ellis Buckminster Mapping class groups!
Apr 21 Krishan Canzius Ultrafilters, Ultraproducts, and Ultrapowers, Oh My!


Fall 2022

Date Speaker Title
Sep 2 Organizational meeting Talk registration
Sep 9 Marte Julie Sætra Computational modeling of ion concentration dynamics in brain tissue
Sep 16 Julian Gould So You Think YouKnow ℝ?
Sep 23 Maxine Calle Ideas of Morse theory and Floer theory
Sep 30 Jin Wei Life Pro Tip: How to responsibly obtain more real numbers
Oct 7 Fall Break (no seminar)
Oct 14 Professor Charles Epstein Interpolation, extrapolation and the miraculous Chebyshev polynomials
Oct 21 Professor Randall Kamien Applied Measured Foliations: Smectics!
Oct 28 Elijah Gunther Phantom 👻 Maps
Nov 4 Yi Wang Driving instructors HATE this simple trick!!!!
Nov 11 Qishuo Yin Covariate-Balancing-Aware Interpretable Deep Learning Models for Treatment Effect Estimation
Nov 18 Leonardo Ferreira Guilhoto What the heck is a “neural network”, anyway? (and why mathematicians should care)
Nov 25 Thanksgiving (no seminar)
Dec 2 Thomas Brazelton Social choice and topology


Spring 2022

Jan 21 Organizational meeting
Jan 28 Thomas Brazelton Elliptic Curves and the Surveillance State
Feb 4 Andrew Kwon A Leisurely Walk Through Diophantine Geometry
Feb 11 Yi Wang How you can (expect to) win money at a casino
Feb 18 Hunter Stufflebeam

(Don’t Fear) The Reaper or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying

(About the Topology) and Love the Geometry

Feb 25 Xinxuan (Jennifer) Wang
Mar 4 Marielle Ong Affine Springer fibers
Mar 11 Spring break (no seminar)
Mar 18 Anschel Schaffer-Cohen That’s not an infinite line. THAT’S an infinite line.
Mar 25 Andres Mejia Scissors Congruence and K-theory
Apr 1 Alvaro Pintado Hilbert’s Program and the Incompleteness Theorems
Apr 8 Eben Blaisdell Multiplying Integers (Yes, Really!)
Apr 15 Krishan Canzius The Compactness Theorem: a Tour Through the Wild World of Types
Apr 22 Prof. Angela Gibney Introduction to the moduli space of curves and vector bundles of conformal blocks
Apr 29 Pizza party


Fall 2021

Sep 3 Welcome meeting
Sep 10 Ryan Brill Horse Racing, Kelly Betting, and Unintuitive Bets
Sep 17 Julian Gould Mathematics in the Third Reich
Sep 24 Anschel Schaffer-Cohen Ordinal numbers and (weird) topology
Oct 1 Travis Leadbetter The best pace
Oct 8 Jacob van Hook Tic-Tac-Toe variants on finite geometries
Oct 15 No meeting (Fall break)
Oct 22 Artur Saturnino Causality
Oct 29 Miguel Lopez Multiplication Tricks Mathematicians DON’T Want You To Know
Nov 5 Junyu Ma
Nov 12 Mid-semester Party  organized by Yi Wang and Jacob van Hook
Nov 19 Jianing Yang Fundamental groups in characteristic p
Nov 26 No meeting (Thanksgiving break)
Dec 3 Prof. Daniel Krashen Can you hear the shape of a division algebra?
Dec 10 Prof. Yumeng Ou Falconer type problems for finite point configurations


Spring 2021

No meetings due to COVID-19.


Fall 2020 (virtual)

Sep 11 Yao-Rui Yeo Jacobi Polynomials via Pictures
Sep 18 Julian Gould Infinite Ethics
Sep 25 Man Cheung Tsui Differential Galois theory
Oct 2 Andrew Kwon High School Number Theory — A Mystery
Oct 9 Anschel Schaffer-Cohen Infinite Type Surfaces
Oct 16 Paige North Univalent Foundations
Oct 23 Eben Blaisdell Partial Resolutions of the Nivat Conjecture
Oct 30 Prof. Julia Hartmann Local-Global Principles for Linear Algebraic Groups
Nov 6 Eric Goodman Peter Doyle’s New Age Solitaire and Card Shuffling
Nov 20 Andres Mejia Sphere Eversion
Dec 4 Thomas Brazelton Gimbal Lock: A Gimbal Talk
Dec 11 Industry Speaker Industry Talk


Spring 2020

Jan 24 Julian Gould  Basic Personal Finance
Jan 31 Anschel Schaffer-Cohen My favorite numerical algorithm
Feb 7 Darrick Lee Iterated integrals
Feb 14 Artur Bicalho-Saturnino Qbits and prime factorization
Feb 21 Jackson Goodman Zeros and Fixed points
Feb 28 Prof. Philip Gressman Geometry, Combinatorics, and Invariant Theory in Harmonic Analysis
Mar 6 Esteban Paduro The power of the weak solutions
Mar 20 Party Cancelled
Mar 28 Eben Blaisdell Cancelled
Apr 3 Yao-Rui Yeo Cancelled
Apr 10 Man Cheung Tsui Cancelled
Apr 17 Professor Davi Maximo Cancelled
Apr 24 Jia Choon Lee Cancelled


Fall 2019

Sep 6 Benedict Morrissey Introduction to Teichmuller space
Sep 13 Anschel Schaffer-Cohen Geometry: but why?
Sep 20 Jackson Goodman Positive curvature and topology
Sep 27 Yao-Rui Yeo Music 101 for science people
Oct 4 George Wang Succeeding in grad school
Oct 18 Prof. Henry Towsner The Erdos Sumset Conjecture
Oct 25 Weichen Zhou  Introduction to First-passage Percolation
Nov 1 Party
Nov 8 Darrick Lee Cohomology and Paradox
Nov 15 Hunter Stufflebeam Soviet Mathematics the Productivity of Mathematicians post 1991
Nov 22 Michael Gerapetritis Local “Geometry”
Dec 6 Prof. Mona Merling An advertisement for Algebraic K-theory

Spring 2019

Jan 25 Anschel Schaffer-Cohen The Mathematical Justification for Dictatorship
Feb 1 Yao-Rui Yeo Integral Quadratic Forms: Take Three
Feb 8 Jackson Goodman Closed Geodesics (Open House)
Feb 15 Tao Song CM elliptic curves and it’s Galois representation
Feb 22 Noon Jerrod Ankenman (SIG) Modeling Elections: A PhD Workshop with SIG
Feb 22 Night Marielle Ong and Thomas Brazelton Pizza & Trivia Night II
Mar 1 Prof. Ron Donagi Calabi-Yau spaces and their moduli
Mar 15 Man Cheung Tsui Hilbert’s irreducibility theorem
Mar 22 Thomas Brazelton Social Choice and Topology
Mar 29 Huy Mai Topological complexity and Lusternik–Schnirelmann category
Apr 5 Jongwon Kim The Saturation Theorem
Apr 12 Sukjoo Lee What is the Hodge conjecture?
Apr 19 Marcus Michelen Zero free regions: the prime number theorem, phase transitions, and central limit theorems
Apr 26 Dr. Bharathwaj Palvannan Why algebraic K-theory?


Fall 2018

Dec 7 Prof. Julia Hartmann Differential embedding problems and absolute Galois groups
Nov 30 George Wang Smash Equilibrium
Nov 16 Prof. Ted Chinburg Capacity theory and cryptography
Nov 9 Michael Gerapetritis What is Morse Theory?
Nov 2 Man Cheung Tsui Pfister forms
Oct 26 Esteban Paduro Minmax and the Mountain Pass Theorem
Oct 19 Jakob Hansen Expander Graphs
Oct 12 Thomas Brazelton The Generalized Poincaré Conjecture
Sept 28 Alon Benhaim and Ellen Urheim Pizza & Trivia Night I
Sept 21 Marcus Michelen What is Analytic Combinatorics?
Sept 14 Matei Ionita Recovering analyticity from asymptotics: the exact WKB method
Sept 7 Anschel Schaffer-Cohen The Schwarz-Milnor Lemma


Spring 2018

Apr 20 Darrick Lee Higher Categories
Apr 13 Prof. Scott Weinstein Mathematical Logic: Structure and Language
Apr 6 Esteban Paduro On the Nash embedding theorems
Mar 30 Huy Mai Euler integral transform
Mar 23 Weichen Zhou Elliptic Curves Over C With Complex Multiplication
Mar 16 Yao-Rui Yeo Congruent Numbers
Mar 2 Jakob Hansen
Feb 23 Anschel Schaffer-Cohen
Feb 16 Prof. Stephanie Dick (History)
Feb 9 Jackson Goodman
Feb 2 Marcus Michelen
Jan 26 Benedict Morrissey
Jan 19 Anschel Schaffer-Cohen


Fall 2017

Dec 8 Prof. Jonathan Block My Muse the Index Theorem
Dec 1 Joseph Hoisington The Isoperimetric Inequality
Nov 17 Kamron Vachiraprasith u-Invariants of Fields
Nov 10 Man Cheung Tsui Lang’s Thesis
Nov 3 Yao-Rui Yeo Bhargava’s Cube
Oct 27 Marcus Michelen Branching Processes: Random Trees and Percolation on Them
Oct 20 Michael Gerapetritis From Pythagoras to Arithmetic Geometry
Oct 13 Darrick Lee Topological Limitations of Single Layer Perceptron Networks
Sept 29 Prof. Philip Gressman Affine Curvature in Harmonic Analysis
Sept 22 Dominick Villano The Polynomial Method
Sept 15 Prof. Angela Gibney (Rutgers) Career Development Session
Sept 8 Anschel Schaffer-Cohen Nonstandard analysis: calculus without limits