GRMN 219 German Business World

This course offers you insights into the dynamics of Business German, while taking a macro approach.  Examples of course topics include: economic geography and its diversity, Germany’s role in international trade, the changing role of the European Union, and the economic importance of national transportation and tourism.  In addition, the course emphasizes the development of students’ discourse competencies, Business German vocabulary and grammar.

GRMN 220 Business German: Micro

This course is intended as a continuation of Business German I (GRMN 219), but may be taken without having participated in GRMN 219. Prerequisites are a very good working knowledge of grammar and an awareness of German stylistics. Its principal goal is to prepare the student for the internationally recognized Zertifikat Deutsch für den Beruf (ZDfB) and ultimately a job with a German-speaking firm in an increasingly global workplace. This content-based course emphasizes vocabulary from business and technical sources and its application by means of oral and written presentations on themes pertaining to German-American economic relations.