SPAN 125 Spanish for the Medical Professions Elementary II

The continuation of Spanish 115, Spanish 125 is a second-semester elementary medical Spanish language course.

SPAN 135 Spanish for Medical Professions Intermediate I

Spanish 135 is a first-semester intermediate-level medical Spanish language course that emphasizes the development of the four basic skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking), and the acquisition of medical terminology. Students will be expected to participate in classroom activities such as role-plays based on typical office and emergency procedures in order to develop meaningful and accurate communication skills in the target language. Students will also review and acquire forms and structures useful both inside and outside the medical field.

SPAN 145 Spanish for the Medical Professions, Intermediate II

The continuation of Spanish 135, Spanish 145 is a second-semester intermediate-level medical Spanish language course. See the description of Spanish 135. This course satisfies the language requirement in Spanish.


SPAN 205 Advanced Spanish for the Medical Professions

The goal of this course is to provide advanced practice in Spanish to those students who are interested in pursuing careers in the medical and healthcare fields. Through readings and authentic materials on contemporary health issues, for example, H1N1 influenza, comparative health care systems, obesity, “chagas” disease, etc., students will acquire the vocabulary and grammatical structures needed to discuss a wide array of topics pertaining to the health-related professions. Students will also gain awareness of those health care issues affecting the Hispanic/Latino patient. Oral and written presentations will complement topics covered in class.

SPAN 208 Business Spanish I

Spanish for Business I provides advanced-level language students with technical vocabulary and communicative skills covering business concepts as they apply to the corporate dynamics of the Spanish-speaking world, with a special emphasis on Latin America.  Through readings, presentations, discussions, and video materials, we will analyze the current business environment in the region taking into consideration local economies and markets in light of their recent history, politics, resources, and relevant current international issues.

SPAN 209 Business Spanish II

This course is specifically designed for advanced speakers of Spanish (i.e., native speakers, high-level heritage speakers, and students who have studied in a Spanish-speaking country for at least one semester). Students will take an in-depth look at the corporate dynamics of a number of countries in Latin America, focusing on their economies and markets, as well as on the cultural and business protocols of each region. Through the creation of an entrepreneurial project and the writing of a business plan, students will enhance their business and language skills.

SPAN 215 Spanish for Professions I

Spanish for the Professions is designed to provide advanced-level language students with a wide-ranging technical vocabulary and the enhancement of solid communicative skills within the cultural context of several developing Latin American countries. Focusing on topics such as politics, economy, society, health, environment, education, science and technology, the class will explore the realities and underlying challenges facing Latin America. Through essays, papers, articles, research, discussions, case studies, and videotapes, we shall take an in-depth look at the dynamics of Latin American societies. The course will focus on–but not be restricted to– Mexico, Cuba and Argentina.