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What Is Important To Me

One of our assignments in our cultural anthropology class was to take pictures of people and things that were important to us. One of the students, McGarrett, decided to share some of the things what he felt was important to him…

McGarrett's sisters
This is a picture of my sister and my cousin. These two are important, because they make my life fun and exciting.

McGarrett's uncles
My two uncles are important to me because they try to teach me how to fix things like cars and toys.

McGarrett's aunt
My aunt is important because she helps me with projects, also she tells me things about being a teenager.

McGarrett's siblings
This is a picture of my little brother and sister and they are important to me because they make me happy and also I get to teach them right from wrong.

McGarrett himself
This is a picture of me, the way I’m important to myself is because sometimes I feel different. The reason I feel different is because I have bad kidneys. And then I’m also important because I can change society into a better place.

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