“Psyche on Campus” syllabus archive

The syllabi collected here were generously shared by their course-creators.  If you have a syllabus for an undergraduate course (or a graduate course that admits undergraduates) that you’d like to add to the archive, please email a pdf copy to: cavitch@english.upenn.edu.  We’d love to add your course to this growing database!


Freud and Philosophy

Professor Vanessa Rumble

Boston College, spring 2021


Freud’s Objects

Professor Liliane Weissberg

University of Pennsylvania, spring 2021


Freud: The Invention of Psychoanalysis

Professor Liliane Weissberg

University of Pennsylvania, spring 2019


Introduction to Psychoanalysis: History, Theory, Practice

Dr. Susan Adelman and Professor Max Cavitch

University of Pennsylvania, fall 2019


Introduction to Psychoanalysis: Literature and Film

Professor Jean-Michel Rabaté

University of Pennsylvania, spring 2019


Psychoanalysis and Anthropology

Dr. Lawrence Blum and Professor Greg Urban

University of Pennsylvania, fall 2020


Psychoanalytic and Anthropological Perspectives on Childhood

Dr. Lawrence Blum and Dr. Barbara Shapiro

University of Pennsylvania, spring 2020


Social Work Practice and Trauma

Professor Jane Abrams

University of Pennsylvania, fall 2015