[talk] Aymara social leader Rosa Palomino on Andean Women empowerment at Penn

rosa palomino_foto_FotorPlease join us for an exciting evening conversation with Aymara social communicator, political and social leader, Rosa Palomino. Listen and absorb her powerful experiences and stories. We hope to see you there!

Rosa Palomino is an Aymara social communicator with a long career as a radio host and political and social leader. She has been honored by the Peruvian Ministry of Culture and is a current member of the board of the Indigenous Communicators Network of Peru (REDCIP). Born in the Camacani community, Platería district, Puno region, she has been visible for directing Wiñay Pankara (Always blooming), an Aymara story-telling radio show that was first aired in 1988, and is hosted by Aymara-speaking women.

This talk is sponsored by the Penn Spanish Department.

When? Thursday March 19, 2015, 6pm
Where? Cherpack Seminar Room (5th Floor)
 Williams Hall (255 S. 36th St, Philadelphia), University of Pennsylvania

This event is free and open to the public

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  1. Soy nacido en Lima pero soy CUSQUEÑISTA ,felicitaciones por estos eventos que resalta al idioma Quechua hablado por el Tahuantinsuyo del Imperio Inka.Lastima que lo perdí porque no estube enterado.

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