[workshop] Myths around Quechua and Indigenous Languages


“Myths around Quechua and Indigenous Languages”
featuring Yuly Tacas (San Marcos University, Lima, Perú)

Free interactive workshop (Registration is required)

Join us for an interactive workshop on the current situation of Quechua. Ms. Tacas will discuss about the myths on Indigenous Languages revitalization efforts and her experience on developing Quechua revitalization initiatives.

Yuly Tacas is a literature activist and scholar from Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (Lima, Perú). She is the director of the Quechua magazine “Kallpa” and founder of the Kuska Quechua Institute. Ms. Tacas leads initiatives to promote the use of Quechua among the youth in urban and rural areas, including software-realted projects in collaboration with the World Bank and Peru’s Ministry of Culture.

Scholars, educators and people in general are invited to sign up for this workshop. Please register by Tuesday, June 19th 5pm, here: https://goo.gl/xYEDHL
Limited spots available. Workshop will be lead in Spanish. No previous knowledge of Quechua is required.

Free event organized by the Quechua Language Program at Penn thanks to a grant by the Penn Language Center.
For more information, please contact:  americo@sas.upenn.edu

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