Quechua Welcome Event 2019

Quechua Welcome Event
Tuesday, September 10th, 4:30 to 6pm.
ARCH Building #108, UPenn.

Join us! Enjoy some Inca Kola and snacks, celebrate the Andes meet people, learn more about the Quechua program at Penn. Everyone is welcome!

Special guests from Ayacucho, Peru: Freddy & Magno Huassaca-Condori 
The Huassaca-Condori brothers are originally from Quinua (Ayacucho, Perú). They are known for promoting Andean designs in pottery. Their art represents important traditional life activities of their home region, Ayacucho. These award-winning artists were recently selected to design the statuette for the medallists of the 2019 Lima Pan-American Games.