Return to the Andes, Q&A and film screening 10/8

Return to the Andes

Tuesday, October 8th, 6pm to 8pm
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
Houston Hall, Golkin Room (Map)
Open to the Public, Free Entrance

“Inspiring and insightful — a must-watch for anyone interested in politics, social justice and women empowerment in the Andes and beyond”

— Prof. Serafin M. Coronel-Molina, educational linguist, Indiana U. and PennGSE alum 

Join us for a screening of “Return to the Andes” (USA/Peru= 50 min) and Q & A with director Mitchell Teplitsky and protagonist Nélida Silva.


After living in New York City for 20 years, Nelida Silva (from the film Soy Andina) returns again to her Peru birthplace (Llamellín, Ancash)— this time with a dream of helping rural women start businesses. That’s a daunting challenge in the Andes, where many women are marginalized.  But few things deter Nelida, and she succeeds in organizing cooperatives around skills like weaving and quinoa.   Then the unexpected happens — she’s invited to run for mayor by a new political party. Fed up with the region’s decline and corruption, she accepts the challenge. Can she become the first woman to win, running on a platform of sustainable development and anti-corruption?

We thank the support of the Alice Paul Center on Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies