2020 Andean Research Proseminar

3rd Andean Research Proseminar

Quito, Ecuador
July 2-3, 2020
Second call for proposals due date: May 15th, 2020

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Many graduate students and senior scholars from various parts of the world travel to the Andes during the month of July to conduct research. As such, since 2016 we have organized a biennial seminar in the Andean region aimed at we at creating an interdisciplinary space where researchers can share current and ongoing research and writing projects with colleagues from universities in the Andean region and beyond. For its first edition in 2016 scholars from across the hemisphere participated, confirming the need for strengthening and promoting this platform. In addition, the event seeks to offer a more relaxed and amicable opportunity for scholars from different disciplines and residing in different countries to get to know each other, reconnect and develop relationships outside of the university and conference settings

The two previous editions of the seminar took place in Cusco, Peru (2016, 2018). The third will take place in Quito, Ecuador, in collaboration with Universidad San Francisco de Quito, FLACSO, the University of Pennsylvania, and Northwestern University, on July 2 and 3, 2020.

During this two-day gathering, sessions will take place in either of the following formats:


1. Data Analysis Workshops (30 minutes)

These workshops provide an opportunity to share data and materials in order to explore different analytic strategies with attendants. We invite participants to present: audio transcripts, interview fragments, fieldwork notes, ethnographic vignettes, videos, other artifacts or platforms, etc. The length should be no more than 3 pages for texts and 6 minutes for audio/video. We invite to share data beforehand in order to facilitate a deeper analysis.

Each presenter will have 30 minutes in total. Presenters will have time (10 minutes) to introduce a brief description of the research topic, methodology, sources and type of data, and questions to guide the data analysis. The rest of the time (20 minutes) will be devoted to input from workshop participants.

 2. Work-in-progress paper (30 minutes)

This session offers the opportunity to receive constructive comments and suggestions on a text the presenter is working on: recently finished pieces and those at any stage of the writing process are welcome, from early works to polished pieces. Texts must be shared 2 weeks before the gathering and will have a limit of 8-10 pages (double-spaced). Texts which exceed the page limit will be cut before distribution.

Each session will start with a brief introduction of the text providing context and goals (10 minutes). Moderators will start off the discussion and offer comments, then proceed to guide the session with comments from attendants (20 minutes).

Submissions will be accepted until Friday, May 15, 2020. Please send all submissions to Marlén Rosas mrosas@sas.upenn.edu. Decisions of acceptance will be shared by late May, 2020. It is possible to send and abstract before the due date to receive an anticipated response.



25 USD for researchers at US/European universities
15 USD for researchers at Latin American universities


For questions about the event, please write to Marlén Rosas, mrosas@sas.upenn.edu