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Study Quechua at Penn
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Student Testimonials
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Students’ impressions:

  • Gleeson Ryan (C’17 W’17):
“It’s just so unusual for people to be able to learn this,” she says. “It’s so rare for colleges to offer, but it’s so important, too. Indigenous peoples have more traditional knowledge that’s not usually understood, but it should be. Learning to understand a new culture and people is a life skill that everyone needs, as opposed to just a career skill.”
[From Penn Current’s article Thriving program makes Penn a Quechua language hub ]
  • Abigail Graham (C’16):
There’s a responsibility that comes with learning Quechua, of understanding the importance of what the language means to different people… And that’s something that all of us studying the language have internalized.”
[From The Daily Pennsylvanian’s article Quechua classes gives students a look into Indigenous culture ]