2019 Thinking Andean Studies Conference

3rd Thinking Andean Studies: An Interdisciplinary Conference

April 12-13, 2019
Northwestern University, Greater Chicago area (Evanston, IL)

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The Thinking Andean Studies conference continues its mission to strengthen the interdisciplinary network of scholars working in the growing field of Andean Studies, as well as to help foster a mentoring relationship between established and emerging scholars. The event aims to provide a space for participants to share their research through paper presentations and roundtable discussions, and hopes to showcase the increasing number of scholars in the US conducting research in and about the Andes.

In previous editions, we have asked participants to consider the importance of working across disciplines, and how to potentially theorize the Andes (Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, and Colombia, as well as certain areas of Argentina and Chile). This year, we invite participants to reflect on how concepts such as coloniality and decolonization, indigeneity and race, politics and governance, exist as part of relationships of power in the region. In other words, who gets to speak for the history of the Andes? From where do theories and practices (academic and otherwise) in the region derive, and where might they be headed? Ideally, papers and/or panels will reflect on some of the power dynamics that intersect to shape various facets of Andean societies.

This interdisciplinary conference also aims to connect scholars with indigenous language and culture advocates. In this spirit, the conference will include presentations that explore the intersections of indigenous languages of the Andes and media and activism, language pedagogy, literature, performance, and community organizing.

Papers and panels from any theoretical perspective and examining any aspect of the Andes are welcome, including but not restricted to: cultural studies, cultural policy, literature, indigenous studies, language planning and policy, bilingual education, decolonization, colonial studies, anthropology, sociology, cultural heritage, political science, linguistics, media studies, critical race theory, ethnomusicology, and history. Papers can be in English or any of the languages spoken in the Andean region.


KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Prof. Elizabeth Monasterios (University of Pittsburgh)



Sponsored by the Latin American & Caribbean Studies Program and the Department of Anthropology at Northwestern University, as well as the Department of History and the Quechua Language program at the University of Pennsylvania.


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