Recent Awards

May 2013 Julia Steinberg received the Roy and Diana Vagelos Science Challenge Award

Dr. Valentino Cooper, a Rappe group alum, received one of the DOE Early Career Awards.

June 2013 Diomedes Saldana-Greco won the Electronic Structure Workshop 2013 best poster award.

Dr. Steve Young was awarded an NRC postdoctoral research associateship to go to the US Naval Research Laboratory.

May 2013 Prof. Sara Mason, a Rappe group alum, received a NSF CAREER Award.

April 2013 Dr. Steve Young successfully defend his thesis.

August 2012 Steve Young receives a research award from the Penn Chemistry Department as the top 4th year graduate student in physical chemistry.

August 2012 A multi-university team led by Rappe has won a grant from the Energy Commercialization Institute.

July 2012 Chris Pynn has been named a NSF Graduate Research Fellow by the the National Science Foundation.

July 2012 Sara Mason has been named an emerging investigator by the Journal of Environmental Monitoring.

June 2012 Miguel Angel Méndez Polanco has been named a “Best Poster” winner at the 24th Annual Workshop on Electronic Structure Algorithms.

May 2012 Andrew M. Rappe receives the Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching.

May 2012 Andrew M. Rappe receives the Charles Ludwig Award for Distinguished Teaching.

March 2011 Doyle Yuan has been named a 2011 Dean’s Scholar in recognition of his academic and research achievements.

February 2011 Tingting Qi passes her thesis defense, qualifying for the Ph. D. degree. She has accepted a postdoctoral position with Prof. Evan Reed in the Materials Science and Engineering Department of Stanford University.

November 2010 Jing Shi won a competitive fellowship, permitting him to study lead-free relaxor ferroelectrics with the Rappe group for the next two years, as part of his Ph. D. program in the Material Physics Department, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Shaanxi, China.

August 2010 Sara E. Mason starts her assistant professorship in the Department of Chemistry of the University of Iowa.

October 2009 The Rappe group’s SONAR materials research has been named a Challenge Project by the High-Performance Computing Modernization Office of the US Department of Defense, sponsored by the US Office of Naval Research.

September 2009 Andrew Rappe and Cherie Kagan have been named co-directors of Pennergy, the Penn Center for Energy Innovation

June 2009 Michael Rutenberg-Schoenberg receives the award for best poster at the 69th Annual Physical Electronics Conference as a sophomore biochemistry major in the College.

May 2009 Joe Bennett receives the John G. Miller Award for the most outstanding doctoral dissertation of the year.

January 2009 Steve Young receives a Class of 1939 graduate fellowship to study in the Rappe group for a Ph. D.