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Our Mission

RealArts@Penn is a program centered around the creative student, regardless of their course of study. Our mission is to allow students to deepen their understanding of creative industries and advance their experience in them. Through internships, mentorships, and apprenticeships, we provide a foundational and real-world vision of the creative fields in which they are interested.

Summer Internships

RealArts@Penn internships are unique opportunities curated by the RealArts@Penn team and guided by our mission. Each internship is coupled with a stipend. Our internships afford students an indispensable network of mentors, leaders, and friends, cultivating a profound and critical insight into the world of creative business. Here are our current internship offerings for Summer 2024:


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For Current Students & Alumni

Mentorship Program

The RealArts@Penn program has built a vast network of alumni in creative fields who are eager to help current Penn students and young alums. Through one on one pairings, alumni visits and the RealArts@Penn Alumni Mentor lunch series, students have opportunity to learn from and connect with alumni working in a variety of creative industries.

RealArts in the News

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