20th Century Fox

Feature Production Intern

Motion Picture Development Feature Production will expose the RealArts@Penn intern to the creative process behind development and production.

The intern will read and evaluate scripts and other project-related material; generate writer, director and cast lists; and cover assistant desks when needed, gaining insight and experience into entry-level jobs in the entertainment industry. They will also be encouraged to form relationships within the department to understand the practical and financial reasons underpinning creative decisions.

If you want to learn the inner working of a powerhouse film company, this is the opportunity for you!

What to expect

Possible tasks:
  • Read projects under consideration and in production. Compare rewrites to see how they reflect executive notes.
  • Prepare coverage and notes to practice creative evaluation and trouble-shooting.
  • Generate talent lists for projects under consideration and research representatives
  • Read samples/view screeners for writers/directors on executive lists for broader exposure to up and coming filmmakers.
  • Learn the basics of entry level assistant tasks: rolling calls, scheduling meetings, tracking competing projects and running errands. Desk experience is essential to landing an entry level position.

Learning Objectives:

As stated above, critical thinking and the ability to tactfully but persuasively articulate notes is a highly valued skill in the job market. The RealArts@Penn intern will also benefit from exposure to fresh talent and proficiency in basic assistant responsibilities. Relationships with executives and assistants will also help provide job leads and recommendations.

Who We are Looking For

  • Familiarity with MS Word, Excel, Outlook and Filemaker would be helpful but not mandatory.
  • Office etiquette is essential: punctuality; appropriate dress; respect for privacy; and a professional demeanor.