Feature Production Intern

Grandview is a literary management company based in Los Angeles. Clients of the company span the playwright, feature scribe or director, and television producer gambits. Grandview┬╣s production partner and office mate is Automatik Entertainment, led by Brian Kavanaugh-Jones. The company formed in 2014 by three partners: Brian, Matt Rosen, and Jeff Silver.

What to expect

An internship with Grandview is an excellent overview of what is typically demanded from an entry level position anywhere in the industry and we sincerely hope to recommend our interns for full time positions both internally (if or when available) and externally based on the wishes and skill set of the individual.

Who We are Looking For

The RealArts@Penn intern must be ambitious, hard-working and feel comfortable in a dynamic atmosphere where many hats may be required. Typical responsibilities include script and novel coverage, as well as critically analyzing magazines and cannons of source material to evaluate their potential for adaptation. Input will be welcomed and expected in regards to existing client projects.