Feature Production Intern

Grandview is a Los Angeles-based industry-leading management company; you will be exposed to a living,breathing, real-time deal making environment that requires a strict standard of confidentiality aswell as adherence to a series of non-negotiable professional expectations.

What to expect

An internship with Grandview is an excellent overview of what is typically demanded from an entry level position anywhere in the industry and we sincerely hope to recommend our interns for full time positions both internally (if or when available) and externally based on the wishes and skill set of the individual.

During the Grandview internship you will:

– Read summarize and analyze books and screenplays; provide “coverage”

– Interface with high-profile clients, producers, and executives

– Learn how to roll calls, maintain schedules, and service creative material – Contribute to the company’s current slate of projects

– Develop critical professional skills and communications techniques

– Receive essential feedback through cooperative management oversight

– Complete the program having gained an indisputable breadth of industry exposure

Who We are Looking For

The RealArts@Penn intern must be ambitious, hard-working and feel comfortable in a dynamic atmosphere where many hats may be required.

The ideal candidate will have: 

– Experience or exposure to Microsoft Suite, Google, and MacOS

– Showcase professional written and verbal communication skills