How to Apply

RealArts@Penn Internships & Deadlines

How to Apply

This year’s offerings are listed in the application form as well as under the 2024 Internships page. You may apply for up to two internships. You must upload an individual .pdf application for each internship.

Each application must include the following in one pdf document (naming convention: LastName_FirstName.pdf):

  • Cover Letter: The cover letter should include any relevant experience, projects or coursework. Please be sure to describe the qualities and/or past experiences that make you a viable candidate for your internship choice(s).
  • Resumé
  • A list of relevant courses taken. Please list instructor and describe how it is relevant.

Click here to apply now! 

Deadline for applications is 11:59 PM on January 15th, 2024


Current Penn undergraduates from any school and class year are eligible to apply for summer internships. 

Sponsored Internships

RealArts@Penn Internships are structured to foster the application of creative practices to professional industries. We strengthen the bridge between the creative process explored in coursework and the real-world application necessary for skillful employment. With our RealArts sponsored internships and vast mentoring opportunities, RealArts@Penn helps students jumpstart their chosen artistic lives and career paths.

Additionally, our sponsored internships are paid! Students awarded these highly sought after internships will receive a $5000.00 prize.

Application expectations and the 2024 deadline will be posted here. Check back for full details.

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