Through one on one pairings, alumni visits and the RealArts@Penn Alumni Mentor lunch series, students have the opportunity to learn from and connect with alumni working in a variety of creative industries.

Our mentor lunches, through the fall and spring semester, are open to all Penn undergraduates. RealArts often invites Penn alumni to speak to current students about working in their respective fields, providing invaluable personal insight and feedback on questions and concerns brought up by the students.

Additonally, the RealArts@Penn program hosts two mentorship lunch series geared towards Penn students who will soon be looking for their first job in the Publishing, Journalism, and Entertainment industries: “Road to Publishing” and “Road to Entertainment.”


Road to Publishing

In the fall, seniors interested in working in the journalism or publishing industries  (print and digital, alike) are invited to RealArts@Penn’s “Road to Publishing” mentorship lunch series.

Road to Entertainment

In the spring, seniors seeking work in the tv, film, and entertainment and industry are invited to RealArts@Penn’s “Road to Entertainment” mentorship lunch series, which features Penn alumni working in both the Los Angeles and New York career markets.

If you have any questions about our mentor programs, please contact R.J. Bernocco at

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