Rolling Stone Magazine


Rolling Stone is an American magazine devoted to music, politics and popular culture, published biweekly. It also publishes a web site. It was founded in 1967 and in its first years was identified with the hippie counterculture and it also distanced itself from the many more overtly political underground newspapers of the time. Its writers engaged in a more traditional journalistic practice than those in the underground journalistic scene. Yet by being “not just about the music, but about the things and attitudes that music embraces,” Rolling Stone found its niche and has had a huge impact on American popular culture at large.

What to expect

This 12-week RealArts internship will offer a variety of experiences that will allow the intern to come to understand what goes into producing Rolling Stone magazine. By working in many areas of the organization, the intern will gain a clear understanding of how the parts fit together.


Possible Tasks:

Duties include compiling daily press packs for writers and editors, researching materials for writers and editors by using Lexus/Nexis as well as the Rolling Stone archives, attending production meetings, transcribing interviews, filling in for editorial staff, fact checking, and occasionally writing copy for the web site. Interns will also occasionally aid the photo, art and publicity departments.