Stories come in different forms. At Spiegel & Grau we take a holistic approach to content. A book might find new life in film or television; or a podcast might later become a book. Books are at the center of our business, but through strategic and collaborative partnerships and with the experienced guidance of our multi-media team, we are able to amplify writers’ and creators’ voices across a range of platforms that best suit a story’s message, enlarging the very definition and scope of publishing.

The Intern Will Do:

  • Reading and evaluating manuscripts for publication;
  • Administrative duties (mailings, scheduling meetings, etc.);
  • Assisting audio director in evaluating potential audiobook acquisitions.

The Intern:


  • Will report to the COO;
  • Will get meaningful exposure to all aspects of book publishing and to development work in film/tv adaptation and podcast/original audio content creation;
  • Will attend weekly editorial and general business meetings.