Invited Speakers

RERC29 is excited to present an outstanding lineup of invited speakers! We are looking forward to hearing from the following, with more to come:

    • Jochen Autschbach (University at Buffalo)
    • Helen Bolvin (CNRS-University of Toulouse)
    • Christopher Cahill (The George Washington University)
    • Nicholas Chilton (The University of Manchester)
    • Steve Hill (National High Magnetic Field Laboratory)
    • Henry La Pierre (Georgia Tech)
    • Jeff Long (U.C. Berkeley)
    • Martin Mourigal (Georgia Tech)
    • Greg Nocton (Ecole Polytechnique)
    • Annie Powell (KIT)
    • David Tatum (U.C. Berkeley)
    • Jeff Thompson (Princeton University)
    • Valerie Vallet (University of Lille and CNRS)