Current research in our lab seeks to advance understanding of anxiety and depression. Our studies recruit adults from the greater Philadelphia area who are experiencing varying levels of anxiety and depression. Eligible individuals come to our laboratory to participate in one or more studies and are compensated for the time they spend. For more information, please call 215-573-4007 or email us at

If our current studies look like a good fit for you, a member of our lab will contact you within one week. If you cannot complete the survey online, please call the lab at 215-573-4007 and we would be happy to administer the survey to you over the phone.

To learn more about COVID-19 and in-person research participation, please see our lab’s COVID-19 Information Sheet for In-Person Research.

The Boundaries of Anxiety and Depression Lab is housed in the Stephen A. Levin Building on the University of Pennsylvania campus at 425 S. University Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19104. The Stephen A. Levin Building is located between Leidy Labs at 3740 Hamilton Walk and Carolyn Lynch Labs at 433 South University Ave. The main entrance to the building is directly across University Avenue from the Veterans Affairs Medical Center. The building can also be accessed via Hamilton Walk: from University Avenue, make a right onto Hamilton Walk, then look for a small path on your right immediately past Leidy Labs. Follow this path directly to the Levin Building. The Levin Building is circled on the map below:


Please click here to download public transportation and parking instructions.