Additional Pay

This is a pre-approval request for additional pay for extra services performed outside the scope of the SAS staff member’s job classification.  Prior to the onset of work, the form is to be completed jointly by the Requester initiating the request for extra services and by the SAS staff member who will perform the service.  If the Requester is employed outside of SAS, it is the responsibility of the SAS staff member who is to perform the service to ensure that the form is completed and submitted properly. The completed form (with approvals from Requester, SAS staff member’s current supervisor and SAS Regional Business Office) is to be submitted to SAS Human Resources (Janae Boone, ext. 8-8226) for review at least 10 days prior to the work being performed.  Note: There is a risk that payment will not be approved if the form is not submitted prior to the work/activity being performed.  If extra services are performed during regular working hours, the staff member must take PTO time from his/her regular job or forego additional compensation.   Exceptions to this must be approved by the SAS HR Director.  (To request an exception please attach the reason for the exception to this form.) SAS Human Resources will forward the pre-approval request form with the final decision to the Requester.  If approved, the Requester is permitted to hire the SAS staff member to perform the necessary extra services.  Following the completion of the extra services, please include the approved pre-approval form as documentation when submitting into Workday the actual additional pay request for payment. 

Complete Pre-approval Request Form

Pre-Approval Guidelines

  • Signatures of the Requester, SAS Staff Member’s Current Supervisor and the “paying” SAS Regional Business Office (RBO) Business Administrator are required prior to forwarding the form to SAS Human Resources.
    • SAS RBO is to review the budget to ensure funding prior to completing the work.  Unfunded requests should be denied.  If funding source is from a grant, SAS RBO should confirm allowability before signing the pre-approval request.
    • Requester and/or SAS staff member is to send the completed pre-approval request form via email attachment to Sean Kirwin, SAS Human Resources, ( for review.  The form must be received at least 10 days prior to the work being performed.  There is a risk that payment will not be approved if the form is not submitted prior to the work/activity being performed.
  • SAS Human Resources will forward the pre-approval request form via email attachment to the Requester with their final decision.  If approved, the Requester is permitted to hire the SAS staff member to perform the necessary extra services.
  • Processing the Additional Pay
    • Requester notifies the “paying” department’s Business Office, where one or more individuals are designated in Workday as HR Analysts, to enter a One Time Payment or Period Activity Pay request.
    • One Time Payment – Workday Business Process for additional pay for a one-time payment for completion of work that is outside the scope of the staff member’s job profile.
    • Period Activity Pay – Workday Business Process that allows an existing staff member to be paid for additional teaching or research for a fixed-term time period.
    • Documentation required to submit online request:
      • Letter from Requester that provides justification for and description of work to be completed, amount to be paid (number of hours worked x hourly rate of pay if applicable), signatures of Requester and SAS staff member who performed work.
      • Copy of approved pre-approval request form
      • Further documentation may be required in certain circumstances
  • The pre-approval request form that has been approved by SAS Human Resources is to be included as an attachment when requesting the actual additional payment in Workday.  An additional pay request without the submission of this form will be rejected.



Definition of Terms  

Additional Pay – The function and purpose of an additional pay is the payment of money above and beyond a staff member’s weekly/monthly paycheck.  Examples include work performed outside of or beyond usual job duties, , and payment of permissible allowance expense. Extra Services –  Completion of work which is outside the scope of the staff member’s job classification, is not performed on a continuing basis or during the regular work schedule of the staff member, and, typically, is not work performed for the staff member’s supervisor.  Also used for on-call pay when staff member is required to be available for emergencies and must respond during hours which are outside their scheduled work hours. SAS Staff Additional Pay Pre-Approval for Extra Services Request form (pre-approval request form) – Approval for additional pay is required prior to the staff member performing the extra services.  The pre-approval request form is the document to ensure that additional pay qualifications for extra services are satisfactory, which includes allowability (based on type of work, when work is performed, compensation amount, and budget) and approval signatures (from the requester of services, the current supervisor of the staff member to be hired to perform services, the “paying” SAS regional business office business administrator and SAS HR).  An approved pre-approval form is an essential document that is to be included when submitting an additional pay through Workday (after the work has been completed).  The Pre-approval request form is located on the SAS Human Resources website. Requester – The person initiating the extra services of an SAS staff member.  The Requester is a University faculty or staff member who can be employed outside of SAS.  The Requester is the person who asks for pre-approval before hiring the SAS staff member and who asks that an additional pay be processed (per HR approval) for services performed by an SAS staff member when the work has been completed. SAS Staff Member – A weekly- or monthly-paid person employed by the School of Arts and Sciences.  Faculty and graduate students are not included in the pre-approval process for extra services. Home Department – The department associated with the staff member’s primary job at Penn. Paying Department – The department that oversees the funding from which the staff member is to be paid for performing the extra services. Submitter – The person who uses the WorkDay online system to create and manage all aspects of an additional pay request.  The additional pay entry is to be entered by the Submitter in the Paying Department.  Additional pay request and documentation is provided to the Submitter by the Requester.  The Submitter must ensure that requests are properly authorized, budgeted and documented.