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Projects in the Schelter Group involve inert atmosphere/Schlenk line synthesis of inorganic and organometallic complexes. Current projects are focused on the chemistries and electronic structure effects of the lanthanides, uranium and main group elements.

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All the best, Pragati!

The group went out for lunch to celebrate Dr. Pragati Pandey moving on to her next opportunity in the Mazzanti group at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland. Wish you all the best in your future endeavors Pragati!

Welcome Randy and Matteo!

We are excited to welcome two new researchers, Dr. Randall Wilharm (left) and Matteo Melegari (right), joining the group! Dr. Randall Wilharm | Postdoctoral Researcher Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Minnesota (2023) B.S. Chemistry, Michigan Technological University (2017) Hometown: Elmhurst, IL...

New Paper Accepted

We have a new paper in JACS! "Mediating Photochemical Reaction Rates at Lewis Acidic Rare Earths by Selective Energy Loss to 4f-Electron States," Ruoff, K. P.;  Gish, M. K.;  Song, E.;  Douair, I.;  Pandey, P.;  Steger, M.;  Johnson, J. C.;  Carroll, P. J.;  Gau, M.;  Chang, C. H.;  Larsen, R....

Welcome Summer Researchers!

We are excited to share that nine visiting researchers are joining us this summer! We’d like to extend our heartfelt welcome to these researchers: Visiting Scholar Sébastien Paloc (École normale supérieure Paris-Saclay) REU Program Eli Harvey (The College of Wooster) Daria Rudykh (University of...

Paper Accepted

April 4, 2023 We have a new paper in Dalton Transactions! “Evaluating the photophysical and photochemical characteristics of green-emitting cerium(III) mono-cyclooctatetraenide complexes,” Pandey, P.; Yang, Q.; Gau, M.; Schelter, E. J. Dalton Trans. 2023, advance article. DOI: 10.1039/D3DT00351E...

Paper Accepted

April 5, 2023 We have a new paper in Inorganic Chemistry! "Electronic Structure Studies and Photophysics of Luminescent Th(IV) Anilido and Imido Complexes," Lapsheva, E.; Yang, Q.; Cheisson, T.; Pandey, P.; Carroll, P. J.;  Gau, M.; Schelter, E. J. Inorg. Chem. 2023, in press. DOI:...

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