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Sharon Thompson-Schill: PhD Trainee Table

Trainee Name Past or Current Trainee TGE Training Period (Degree) Prior Academic Degree Institution(s) Prior Academic Degree(s) Prior Academic Degree Year(s) Title of Research Project
Tima Zeng Current * 2017 – present WESLEYAN COLLEGE BA 2017
Ariana Familiar Current * 2015 – present NEW YORK UNIVERSITY BA 2013
Nathan Tardiff Current * 2014 – present HARVARD GRADUATE SCHOOL OF EDUCATION; RUTGERS UNIVERSITY Ed.M, BA 2012; 2004
Sarah Solomon Current * 2014 – present UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE MA, BS 2012; 2011
Lisa Musz Past 2012 – 2017 CARLETON COLLEGE BA 2010 neural patterns vary across context
Marcelo Mattar Past 2011 – 2016 INSTITUTO TECNOLOGICO DE AERONAUTICA BA 2009 Individual differences in neural adaptation to visual stimuli
Christine Boylan Past * 2010 – present UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO BA 2008 Evidence for two neural “hubs” in concept knowledge
Marc Coutanche Past 2008 – present OXFORD UNIVERSITY BA 2005 cortical networks for integration of object knowledge
Nicholas Hindy Past * 2007-2012 (PHD) CORNELL UNIVERSITY BA 2007 Object rivalry: Competition between incompatible representations of the same object
Nina Shen Hsu Past * 2006 – 2012 (PHD) DUKE UNIVERSITY BS 2006 Conceptual Flexibility: Behavioral and Neural Variations in Semantic Memory Retrieval
Ranjani Prabhakaran Past * 2004-2010 (PHD) BROWN UNIVERSITY BS 2004 Looking through the lens of individual differences: Relationships between personality, cognitive control, language processing, and genes
David January Past * 2004-2008(PHD) SWARTHMORE COLLEGE BA 2003 Competition in sentence comprehension
Daniel Drucker Past * 2004-2006 (PHD) RUTGERS UNIVERSITY BA 2001 Neural object representation spaces and their metric properties
Andy Connolly Past * 2002-2006 (PHD) RUTGERS UNIVERSITY BS 2000 Concepts and their features: Can cognitive science make good on the promises of concept empiricism?
Robyn Oliver Past * 2001-2007 (PHD) UNIVERSITY OF SAN DIEGO BA 1999 Distributed semantic representations of object shape and size
Marina Bedny past * 2001-2007 (PHD) JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY BA 2001 Understanding words in context: The role of Broca’s area in word comprehension
Jared Novick Past * 2001-2006 (PHD) UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER BA 1998 Cognitive control and the role of Broca’s area in sentence processing
Irene Kan Past * 2001-2006 (PHD) COLLEGE OF WOOSTER BA 1995 Organization and retrieval of conceptual knowledge
Laura Barde Past * 2000-2007 (PHD) UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA IRVINE BA 2000 Cat and dog, sign and wine: The related recency model of provocative interference in verbal working memory
Stacey Schaefer Past * 1999-2006 (PHD) UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN MADISON BS 1996 Neural and dispositional correlates of components of affective style: Individual differences in perceiving, appraising, and regulating emotion

Sharon Thompson-Schill: PostDoc Trainee Table

Trainee Name Past or Current Trainee Postdoc Research Training Period Prior Academic Degree(s) Prior Academic Degree Year(s) Prior Academic Degree Institution(s) Title of Research Project Current Position of Past Trainees/Source of Support of Current Trainees
Smith, C. Current 2019-Present BA, MS, PhD 2011;2018;2018 Stanford University; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign * NIH R01DC009209
Tompary, A. Current 2017-Present BA, PhD 2010;2017 University of Chicago; New York University * NIH R01DC015359
Kenett, Y. Current 2016-Present BA, MA, PhD 2007;2009;2015 Hebrew University; Bar-Ilan University Neurocognitive network analysis of high level cognition NIH R01DC015359
Leshinskaya, A. Current 2015-Present BA, PhD 2008;2015 Carleton University; Harvard University Inducing categories of objects from the structure of experience NIH R01DC015359; NIH R01DC009209
Karuza, E. Past 2014-2018 BA, PhD 2009;2014 Georgetown; University of Rochester Statistical Learning NIH R01DC009209
Matheson, H. Past 2015-2017 BA, PhD 2006;2012 University of Winnipeg; Dalhousie University * Assistant Professor, University of Northern British Columbia, Department of Psychology
Medaglia, J. Past 2014-2016 BS, PhD 2008;2014 Drexel; Penn State Network dynamics of cognitive control Research Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Pennsylvania
Weber, M. Past 2009-Present BA, PhD 2002;2009 Amherst College; Princeton University Tradeoffs between learning and cognitive control Data Scientist, Bloomberg LP
Coutanche, M. Past 2013-2014 BA, PhD 2005;2013 Oxford University; Univ of Pennsylvania Memory consolidation Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Pittsburgh; Research Scientist, Learning Research & Development Center, University of Pittsburgh
Valdes Kroff, J. Past 2012-2014 BA, PhD 2001;2012 UNC; Penn State Bilingual code switching Assistant Professor, Univ of Florida
Nozari, N. Past 2011-2013 MD, PhD 2006;2011 Tehran U. Med Sci U. Illinois Dept. Psychology Interactions between attention and language Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins
Lee, Y. Past 2011-2013 BS, PhD 2001;2010 Yonsei University; Dartmouth College Representation of concept knowledge Assistant Professor, Ohio State University
Minkel, J. Past 2011-2013 BA, PhD 2002;2010 Berkeley; Univ of Pennsylvania Frontal lobe function in depression Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Associate, Duke University Medical Center
Kraemer, D. Past 2007-2012 BS, PhD 2002; 2007 Tufts U.; Dartmouth College Individual differences in learning styles Assistant Professor, Dartmouth University
Chrysikou, L. Past 2006-2011 BA, PhD 2000; 2005 Panteion U. of Athens; Temple U. Creativity and cognitive control Assistant Professor, University of Kansas
Thothathiri, M. Past 2008-2010 PhD 2001; 2008 Indian Institute of Technology; Harvard U Ambiguity in sentence comprehension Assistant Professor, George Washington University
Lupyan, G. Past 2008-2010 BA, PhD 2002; 2007 Cornell U.; Carnegie Mellon U. Effects of labels on cognition Assistant Professor, U. of Wisconsin (Madison)
Yee, E. Past 2004-2010 BA, PhD 1996, 2005 U. of Rochester; Brown U Eye-movement studies of semantic processing Assistant Professor, UConn
Morales, D Past 2003-2007 PhD 2003 UCSD Visual memory Health Specialist, National Institutes of Health
Goldberg, R. Past 2004-2007 BA, PhD 1999, 2004 Hofstra U.; U. of Pittsburgh Development of biological knowledge Founder and CEO, Neumitra
Schnur, T Past 2003-2006 PhD 2003 Competition during picture naming Associate Professor, Baylor College of Medicine
Shivde, G. Past 2000-2007 BA, PhD 1995, 2001 Oberlin Col.; Univ. of Oregon Semantic and phonological working memory Assistant Professor, Psychology, West Chester University