Dorothy Cheney & Robert Seyfarth

Departments of Biology and Psychology, University of Pennsylvania
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Emily Bray – email – (Website)

As an undergraduate at Duke University, Emily studied cognition in dogs with Brian Hare. She received her PhD in 2017, after conducting a three-year longitudinal study of social and cognitive development in puppies, based at The Seeing Eye© in New Jersey. Emily became a post-doc working jointly with Evan MacLean at the University of Arizona Canine Cognition Center and Canine Companions for Independence in Santa Rosa, CA. Emily is now an Assistant Professor in the School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Arizona.

Andy Gersick – email

Andy received his PhD for research on the vocal communication of spotted hyenas at Kay Holekamp‘s research site in the Masai Mara Game Reserve, Kenya. He is now a post-doc at Princeton, working with Dan Rubenstein on the social behavior and communication of equids.

Isaac Schamberg – email

Isaac received his PhD in 2016 for research on the vocal communication of free-ranging bonobos at the Lui Kotal research site in the Democratic Republic of Congo, established by Gottfried Hohmann. He has been a visiting scientist at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology (Leipzig, Germany), followed by a post-doctoral teaching fellowship at Harvard University. He is currently a post-doctoral fellow in the Department of Zoology, University of Zurich. Based there, he continues his field research on African bonobos.

Noah Snyder-Mackler – email – (Website)

For his 2012 PhD, Noah studied patterns of genetic relatedness, kinship, and cooperation in gelada monkeys in the Simien Mountains of Ethiopia, working jointly with Jacinta Beehner and Thore Bergman. During these years, Noah was reputed to be the fastest chicken plucker in the Simien Mountains. He then spent three years as a postdoctoral fellow at Duke University, working with Jenny Tung, and is now an Associate Professor at Arizona State University, continuing his research on genetics, genomics, and social behavior in mammals.

Previous graduate students and post-docs (since 1995)

Maria Rakhovskaya (graduate student)

Shermin de Silva (graduate student)

Julie Gros-Louis (graduate student)

Gabriel Ramos-Fernandez (graduate student)

Klaus Zuberbuhler (graduate student)

Michael Platt (graduate student)

Liza Moscovice (post-doc)

Cathy Crockford (post-doc)

Roman Wittig (post-doc)

Anne Engh (post-doc)

Jacinta Beehner (post-doc)

Thore Bergman (post-doc)

Dawn Kitchen (post-doc)

Julia Fischer (post-doc)

Marta Manser (post-doc)

Drew Rendall (post-doc)

Ryne Palombit (post-doc)